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Approved CNPP-INSSI, Mrs. Marthe Combet, your interlocutor, is the Associate manager of IRSC Consulting.

She is Consultant in the field of the Reinsurance, of the Property Insurance and of the management of the risks since September, 2005.
She is also a Trainer in non-life reinsurance and in the approach of the management of the fire risks.

Last job occupied in Company: Authorized Agent (Fondé de pouvoir), person in charge of the underwriting and the development of the property facultative business for GE Insurance Solutions in Paris.

Career in reinsurance

She begins her career as a reinsurer's technical accountant before she evolves on one year later towards the management of the claims, then towards the underwriting of contracts and the management of a risks' portfolio.

As a matter of fact, about twenty years of experience and practice in the field of the Reinsurance and of the Insurance (of which two years of practice in direct property insurance): prospecting, analysis of risks, subscription, management, restructuring of business portfolios of the Fire Property branch and any operations there relative, organization of customers' seminars.

Participation in the creation of a non-life insurance company in zone CIMA Africa (2004-2005).


Master's degree in economics
Specialized in business-managerial economics (university of Reims)
Administrator representative of the AGREPI (association of Executives and Engineers approved by the CNPP) .  

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