Abidjan 2010

Thanks to our partners, the annual 1st Forum of Risks management and risks prevention took place in Abidjan from 14 till 16 April 2010. The next meeting is taken for April, 2011.

After the welcoming speech made by Mr Joël A . ACKAH, President of the Association of the Insurers of Ivory Coast (ASA-CI), followed by Mr Benoit CLAIR's short speech, General Director of the National Center of Prevention and Protection - France ( CNPP), the 1st Forum AFRisques of Abidjan was inaugurated on April 15th, 2010 by Mister Moussa DOSSO, Minister of the Industry and the Promotion of the Private sector of Ivory Coast, in the presence of the representative in two ways of Minister of Finance and the Director of the Insurances of Ivory Coast, in presence also of the Vice-president of the Chamber of commerce and industry of Ivory Coast, First mate of the GSPM (Grouping of the Military Fire brigades of Ivory Coast), of several leaders of local companies and among them our partners and sponsors, professionals of the print and broadcasting(audiovisual) media, speakers and participants in the Forum.

On all the three days, the Forum gathered more than fifty participants and about ten speakers during exchanges and trainings around themes connected to the prevention of various types of risks (fire and explosions, safety and theft, environment and health, occupational hazards). Among the speakers, we greet in particular, the presence of the GSPM through his First mate, Mr Diomandé VAGONDO and that of the representative of the CNPS of Ivory Coast, Mr Alphonse Nogbou AHOUA.

The closing ceremony was chaired over the end of the works by the Cabinet director Assistant of the Minister of the Industry and the Promotion of the Private sector, followed in the evening of a dinner and show. In view of the appreciation of the participants and the speakers, the assessment of the Forum is considered very positive for this first edition.

We are tuned to listening your needs to bring you, either by more targeted trainings, or by targeted colloquiums, tools which can allow you to improve the everyday life of the risk management connected to your activities and to allow you to capitalize fruits of your development in a healthy way.

We renew our thanks to Sir Minister of the Industry and the Promotion of the private sector for its support without defect, to Sir Minister of Finance, to Sir Director of the Insurances, to Sir President of the ASA-CI, to Sir Vice-president of the Chamber of commerce and industry of Ivory Coast, to Sir President of the French Chamber of commerce and industry in Ivory Coast, to Sir Chief Executive Officer of the CNPS, to Sir Commander of the GSPM and his second, to all the representatives of the local authorities, to the leaders of companies who dedicated some minutes of their busy schedule to be present during the opening ceremony, to all the speakers for the quality and the professionalism demonstrated during their interventions and appreciated by the participants, to all our partners and sponsors for their support, to the professionals of the print and broadcasting(audiovisual) media for their publications, to all the participants for their active presence and to all the teams which collaborated to the organization of this Forum.

We thus make an appointment with you for the 2nd edition of the Forum which is scheduled for April, 2011 and we count, naturally, on your presence in largest number.


Welcome speech of the President of ASA-CI, Association of Insurance companies of Ivory Coast. - Download
Publication of interview on Friday, May 7th, 2010 in The Intelligent of Abidjan and Abidjan.net - Download
Presentation of the speakers, Forum AFRisques of Abidjan 2010 - Download


RTI 2 TV report on April, 15th 2010 - Launch ceremony in Abidjan.

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